Let's Generate More Academic Blue Bloods!

Invite Dr. Trina Coleman to your STEM Related Event

As a woman of color with a research science, mentoring and technology background, extensive experience in the classroom as a physics educator, and a star-studded academic family, I offer my STEM expertise and services to groups, organizations, conference organizers, and program coordinators.  Delivering keynote speeches, participating on panel discussions, and collaborating with STEM program organizers are areas of capability.  

My particular interests are interacting with groups interested in diversifying STEM fields and supporting students that are considering or engaged in STEM study areas.   Minority role models in STEM and especially physics are rare, and it is beneficial to expose young people whenever possible.

“It is sometimes tiring but extremely necessary to be constantly seeking the threshold 

of all of my alleged and confirmed capabilities.”

- Dr. Trina L. Coleman

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